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Bringing the Past to Life

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The Bronze Dagger 
Volume 1 of Ancient Elements

Available now through Hicklebee’s Bookstore 
Sunbury Press

Twelve-year-old Samsuluna  lives in Mesopotamia during the reign of Hammurabi (1780 BC), but has no place to call home.  The lies that Sam spins about the stolen jewels and the death of his father threaten to catch up with him. Will Sam ever learn how to trust his new friends, overcome his quest for revenge, or solve the mystery of the stolen jewels? The Bronze Dagger, a middle grade historical fiction novelis perfect for classes studying  Ancient Mesopotamia, or just as a fun, adventurous read for any age!
Genre: Middle Grade Historical Fiction

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Dr. Sontag is available to speak in classrooms, schools, libraries, bookstores and book clubs about her books in the Ancient Elements series as well as the Warsaw Rising series. When visiting readers, she is always accompanied by her authenticated artifacts, including a 3,000-year-old bronze dagger from Ancient Mesopotamia (c. 1700 BC), an ancient Egyptian alabaster jar (Middle Kingdom, c. 2061-1803 BC), and an ancient Phoenician coin. She hopes to acquire an artifact from Poland’s struggle with Germany during WWII in the near future.

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The Alabaster Jar
Volume Two of Ancient Elements

 The Alabaster Jarvolume two of the Ancient Elements series, follows Samsuluna (Sam) from Ancient Babylonia to Egypt with his adopted family where he learns more about the healing arts. The pressures of a foreign culture and Sam’s quest to solve a tomb raiding mystery threaten to tear his new family apart. A preview of chapter one is available on The Alabaster Jar page. New in The Alabaster Jar: artwork created by Marsha Ottum Owen. She will also illustrate text for the upcoming book 3 in the Ancient Elements series, The Silver Coin. 

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The Silver Coin
Volume Three of Ancient Elements

In The Silver Coin, book three of the Ancient Elements Series, Sam and Amata face different challenges. Living in different countries each must find the courage to face unjust leaders, choose life over love, and ultimately choose between revenge or forgiveness.

Amata remains in Egypt and finds herself in the middle of a political power struggle. Sam travels from Egypt to Crete, Cyprus, and then Phoenicia in search of his uncle Zim. Both Sam and Amata encounter love interests, but must choose between love and survival as they navigate the dangers of the ancient world. Ultimately, Sam faces the danger of a vengeful father, challenging Sam's understanding of true love and forgiveness.

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Rising Hope

Book 1: Warsaw Rising Trilogy

Available now through Sunbury Press and 

Rising Hope, book one of the Warsaw Rising Trilogy - Six Polish teens find hope in spite of great loss when their Boy Scout and Girl Guides troops fight alongside the Polish Underground Army during WWII, culminating in the 1944 Warsaw Rising.

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Jungle Treasure


Singalong Burong spoke through the shane and then to man. "Capture the yellow man's treasure, the white, the red, and the tan. Hide it near the Sirih", was Singalong Burong's command. Solve the mystery of this riddle to help Jared and Lindsey find the lost Dyak treasure. First published in Kids! magazine, December/January 1990.
Genre: Middle Grade Historical Fiction

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Jungle Magic


Travel with 7th grader Katie and 16-year-old Nick as they paddle down the jungle rivers of Kalimantan into unknown danger. First published in Clubhouse magazine, March 1992, by Focus on the Family.
Genre: Middle Grade Historical Fiction

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Adventure at Olsztyn Castle


You are the son of a cook in Olsztyn (Ol’-shten) Castle in Poland. The year is AD 1521. The astronomer, Nicholas Copernicus, administrates the castle and talks to you about his astronomy experiments. When the Teutonic Knights besiege the castle, Copernicus sends you on a dangerous mission. The choices you make will determine the fate of the castle and everyone in it! This "Choose Your Own Adventure" styled story was first published in Clubhouse magazine in May 2000 by Focus on the Family.
Genre: Middle Grade Historical Fiction

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Aeneid Jr. 


Join Prince Aeneas as he flees burning Troy in order to fulfill the prophecy of founding what will later become Rome. Aeneas must overcome struggles between the gods and goddesses in his quest to discover his true fate. Based on Virgil's classic Aeneid (written in Latin around 19 BC), this adventure will transport you back to 1200 BC.  Aeneid Jr. is a paraphrased, abridged version of the Aeneid based on John Dryden's translation of the Aeneid, written with middle grade students in mind. 
Genre: Middle Grade Historical Fiction

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When Love Is Not Perfect

When Love Front

When Love Is Not Perfect helps those suffering from the wounds of abuse discover a reparenting process that can bring healing to damaged emotions. Written from a survivor's viewpoint, this book covers the emotional, social, and psychological aspects of recovery, as well as the spiritual dimension. It is available through Published by Aglow Publications, 1991.
Genre: Adult Non-Fiction

Podiobook Audio. - For a short time, all 12 chapters are also now available for free in audio form. Donations gladly accepted. To listen or download the audio files, register at Podiobooks. (free site).