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Latest News!
Now that we’ve moved to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas, I’ve joined the Texas Council for the Social Studies while still maintaining my CCSS and National Council memberships. I’ve reviewed the Texas educational standards, and have recently created a multimedia lesson plan for Ancient Mesopotamia,  The Standard of Ur,  that specifically targets both Texas and California  State Standards, and also complies with national standards. This Standard of Ur teacher’s lesson plan (pdf) will provide you with all the links you need for the interactive PowerPoint, video, and student worksheet. Feel free to share this information with all of your teacher and home-schooling friends!  
As always, I am available for school author visits, along with my authenticated artifacts of an Ancient Mesopotamian bronze dagger, Egyptian alabaster jar and a Phoenician coin.  Visits are free to those in my immediate area, now Dallas/Fort Worth.  For out of the area visits, contact me at

Bronze Dagger:
Author Trailer:


As a former social studies teacher and now as an author, I love bringing the past to life. Explore this Web site to find out how my middle grade and young adult historical fiction novels can bring the past to life for you and the students in your life. Join the adventure! Here’s a glimpse: 


Highlights from Past School Visits

Here are a few excerpts from some of the students’ precious thank you notes.


It meant a lot to me that you came to our school to talk about your books. You talked all about how you became an author and how you chased your dreams. You inspired me to pursue my dreams of becoming an astronomer. Thank you Dr. Sontag. 

Your visit to Lawson was really inspirational. I love the way you write your books! My class was really excited; however, I was more excited than anyone. Thank you so much for coming! 
Your Biggest Fan,

   Dr. Sontag, it was so cool to have you, an author to come to our school. I've never seen an author in real life except in pictures so when you came to Lawson, it was a very unique experience for me. Thank You so much for coming to our school, I can't wait to read your books when I get them.  From, 

Dear Dr. Sontag,
It was very exciting to have you here. You inspired me by showing me that you might come across a obstacle, but that doesn't mean that you always have to give up. It was also cool that you showed us the bronze dagger and other Mesopotamian artifacts. That was perfect for us because we were learning about Mesopotamia right now. Thank you for giving up your own time to come to Lawson Middle School. I will definitely enjoy reading your books!

Dear Dr.Sontag,
Your interests for writing books has inspired me to write a book.
My original dream was to become a vet since I love animal and I have a dog. Now I have two dreams(or goals) I want to achieve, one is to become a vet and another is to become a writer. Thank you Mrs.Sontag for inspiring me to become a writer. Also, getting to touch a four thousand year old artifact was amazing! Thank you for coming to our school!

Dear Dr. Sontag,
I really was interested by you yesterday. I appreciate you for taking your time and talking to my classmates and me about you, yourself and your books. It was also very kind of you to pass out pencils to everybody who answered a questions, it inspires perticipation. Thank you for showing us the actual bronze daggar and letting us hold it in our very own hands.


Ancient Elements Series:

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